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Players passing is poor

Lately my players hav been passing to the other team. There timing is off and there play is way to fast down court

Tell them to take their time, down the court and to open their hands to the shape of a W when catching a netball. They can then bring the ball into their chest for further strength.

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It sounds like they are just rushing their passes.  play a game at training that you take away the time restraints of passes.  make sure everyone spreads out and only one person at a time breaks for the pass.  they must call for the pass and before releasing the ball, the person passing, must see that the person they are about to pass to is free and is on their team.  this is not a game about scoring goals so take the scoring aspect out and only have them passing around in half a court where everyone is allowed everywhere.  you just have 2 teams but no positions.  if they dont call for the ball then the ball is turned over.  you can keep score of how many passes in a row each team can make before an incerpt or a change over is made.

Playing too fast down court is 'ok' IF they are in position and Do NOT lose possession/ footing etc whilst not breaking any rules. If this is the case you should try the box drill as this will help with timing and driving into space.

I coach College netball and I had the same problem. So it really depends on your team? If this problem is new it's always good to go back to the basics. Passing drills. 

Get your our team to come out 'help' the feeder calling.


hope this helps.


First try some wall drills to control the passes and strengthen their passes,  

Then try a drill where you have 4 players , one is the passer and is in the centre circle with their back to the other players, the others are on the transverse line ( one is a defender and 2 are attackers), when the passer throws the ball up , the attackers go opposite ways. eg one drives on a left on a 45 degree angle and the other right. The defender picks to go with one of the attackers. While the Passer catches the ball (from the air) get them to pivot and face everyone and they need to pick the player who doesnt have a defender on them.

If they are still going too fast, try different settling, like stuck in the mud but netball style. or try a game but with extra floating defenders so it makes them think about the pass.


Hope that helps

Tell them to familiarise themselves with their co players faces. 

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