Fun session to boost moral for senior girls

Fun session to boost moral for senior girls

I would like to do a fun session with my 17 year old as we are at the bottom of the ladder and will not make finals now.

Caroline WoodfordCoach, Australia
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

every thought of having a parents vs kids match? or a mixture of kids and parents teams? its a heap of fun and laughs. i have done it a couple of times with my U14s teams. they really enjoyed playing against their parents.

Allie CollyerCoach, Australia

We`ve done the parents/kids games and they have been fantastic fun. Everyone has really enjoyed them.

Are you still training? I`m presuming the season is still going but you aren`t making finals?

I would do some fun drills with perhaps little prizes involved. I used to play some shooting games with my girls and winners would get to write their name on a training cone - at first I thought it was lame but they all wanted to name one LOL.

Maybe bring out some music and train to some funky tunes.

At the end of the day, even thought they can`t make finals they shoudl still strive to be really competitive in the remaining games. I`d be doing your normal training but having the last part as a bit of fun to keep them interested.

You could also tell them you are keeping stats for the remaining games - each intercept will get a prize etc..

MMMMCoach, Australia

I do a plank challenge with my girls at training. This year at our last training I told them if they beat me they could tip a bucket of ice water over my head at the end of our session. They loved the challenge and had lots of laughs. Needless to say they enjoyed seeing me sweat out the plank with them and of course beating me in the end. I got very wet!

I also do a ball tap competition, recording how many they can get in a minute and I keep track throughout the season, but even a one-off of this to see who can do the most is some high energy fun.

I`ve also run a session where they each get to choose their favourite drill and they essentially run the session.

We usually finish training with a game of scissors paper rock. Two teams at end of court running around gold third till they meet, do scissors paper rock, with winner running on to meet next runner and loser going back to her line. Aim is to get to the other team`s line and get one point. Loads of fun.

Finally, I am a big believer in anything that creates fun off court as well as on. Our mascot is a penguin so sometimes i wear a fluffy penguin hat to training or do something a little crazy they can all have a laugh at. We go all out for crazy hair and sock day with dress-ups including the coach, enter a carnival to get morale up if you can too. Plan a fun end of season party. This year we went tree climbing at Tree Tops Adventure Park which was a real challenge, good team bonding and great fun. Hope these help.

Ross RadovanovichCoach, Australia

WOW They all sound great..I think ill try a couple at our next training.Ive got a team of 13yr olds and they are a pretty good side with half the team playing in Stage Age and the other half play in the Challenge Carnival this year. Every week i struggle to hold there attention with basic drills which they all need but if I step it up to a complex drill,they are all into it,but without the basics,it doesn`t work.Thoughts please...

Lyn Coach, Australia

A couple of quick ideas

  • Nutbush Challenge - not sure if you`ve heard about it but it`s basically doing the nutbush dance but from a planking/push up position. Try goggling it to see it in action. Its a bit of fun, but ends up being a challenge for them too.
  • ​Blindfolded shooting - I split my girls into groups of three (shooter, passer and guide). The shooter was blindfolded, the passer had to get an accurate bounce pass to the shooter with the guide directing/talking through the action. The aim is for the passer to get the ball from the baseline to the (blindfolded) shooter who then takes a shot on goal. Sounds silly and probably is, but it ended up in lots of laughs for our teams who quickly turned it into a competition as to which trio could get a goal first. Beware of rebounding balls!!

If nothing else, the older girls usually love going back and playing games that they used to play as little kids. ​Hope they help.

Cheers, Lyn

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