Netball Drill Demonstration


  • The WA will hold ball side on the edge of the circle 
  • The C will hold ball side on the top of the circle 
  • The GA will hold ball side in the circle - this will keep the GD away from the ball/the GS
  • The GS may fake the ball to the GA or C to move the GK's body weight 
  • They will then pass to the WA and quickly get onto court, ball side and receive the ball back from the WA
  • The GS will put up the shot

Coaching points

  • The GS must release the ball and quickly move onto court ensuring they are ball side, so no player is between her and the ball 
  • The GA must ensure she is ball side to prevent the GD becoming involved 

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Drill tags: backline, give and go, movement, set up, strategy

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