Netball Drill Demonstration


  • WD will set up ball side on the circle edge 
  • GD will set up away from the WD to give them space and to balance the court - they should try to be ball side also 
  • C will start back just inside the centre third, this will allow the WD and GD space 
  • The GK will pass the ball to the WD (holding ball side) 
  • The GD will then drive to receive the second ball from the WD 
  • C will then make a move to receive the ball from the GD 

Coaching points

  • The GD should make a move for the first ball, in case the WD is not free and to keep their defender busy 
  • Each player should make a definite drive towards the ball 
  • It is important the WD and GD balance the court - that they start in a staggered position 

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Drill tags: angles, backline, circle edge, defence, movement

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