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Advice on throw in from defenders circle

My defenders are having a lot of trouble getting the ball in from out of court. 1 issue is the goal keep really struggles with quick decision making autistic) thinking of trying gd throw in instead as we seem to llose the ball every time. Any advice would b appreciated (8-10 yr olds age of team)

i like to set up my WD on the edge of the circle on the same side that the GK is throwing the ball in from.  this gives her pretty much only one choice.  my GD is on the other side of the court and offers a backup if the WD is being double teamed.  try not to give them too many options.  there should only be one person offering and then one person backing up. 

also in training do drills for fast decision making.  i have a drill where i set the girls up in a zigzag pattern and have one ball going from one end of the line to the other.  then i introduce another ball (make sure you have 2 different colours as it helps them remember which ball is doing what) and it is passed on the outside of the pattern.  now they have to remember which ball is passed in what direction, and then think about where the other ball is, do they wait to pass in order for the other ball to be passed, and who do they pass to.  this i push for them to do quickly.)  its fun and with encouraging them to call for passes also encourages talking on court.

my girls are U11s so it isnt an unrealistic exercise for yours.  but just remember that at the age of your gilrs then making fast decisions is not something they do well.  be patient, make a set play for them, and lots of encouragement when they get it right. (if it helps the first game my girls played i think we lost the ball from the backline 99% of the time because of this reason.  now its only about 10% or less).

Hi Rachel, I am a newly qualified level 1 coach in the UK , so apologies if I am stating what you already know.........In addition to the above response, for a back line throw in , as well as WD on the circle edge on the same side as the GK , I like to have the C further around the circle as a second option in case the WD is being double marked. All other players should move away from the circle otherwise it all tends to get a bit crowded and confused, ending up with possesion invariably being lost. For side line throw ins, make sure everyone initially moves away from the ball to create some space and then drives in to get in front of their marker, to collect the pass, trying to make sure only one drives in at a time so as not to confuse your GK. The fault may not actually be down to the GK , but could potentially be the other players not giving any options for her to pass, so, maybe because they are to close to start with , too static , not driving in to collect ? Good luck, hope this helps.....

Thanks Tony very helpful

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