Increasing enthusiasm for 5-8yr olds

Increasing enthusiasm for 5-8yr olds

I am coaching a little net set go team (set tier) with ages 5-8. Usually I coach high school girls. A mum of one of the 7 yr olds just messaged me with this: "i was just wondering If you have any tips to help us get Miss S enthused about netball, she isn't enjoying it but wants to "give it more time" (her words)." We only have a half hour training session before we play as no one else will coach but this is the only time I can do training and there are players from another town so this is the best option for everyone. We play a couple of warm up drills/games and practice 1 skill ready for our game. I have covered the basics of passing and footwork so far. None of my team have ever played before, but 4 of them did the net set go - net tier last year. The girl has only played 2 games so far as we have had a bye. So far she has had a go at positions GK, GD, GS, GA, and WA. She is the tallest girl in the team and so tends to get a fair amount of the ball. Any ideas on what to suggest to this mum?

Heidi HawleyCoach, Australia
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

i would lose the game part as the 5-7 yr olds really need to work on skills. the game itself is pretty boring, and completely confusing for them. if you teach them how to catch with confidence, pivoting, basic footwork, and basic defence, then when they get to a game they will at least have the skills to get involved in a Netta situation. the 7-8 yr olds could prob have little games that involve basic netta rules to help them transition.

i coach netsetgo for the 4-6yr olds. we play a lot of games, dodge ball wth a yoga ball is their current fav and is good for footwork, i make up a circuit for footwork, we are learning pivoting, and catch and throwing. the most boring part (so they told me) was when we were doing catching, pivoting and throwing down a line as it was a little too much standing still. which also happens to be the most netbally part we do. just think of a basic skill for them and then create a drill. i use hoops, ladders, cones, elastics, small hurdles, and dots, as my main source of creating a session, and each week it will change as i slowly add onto the skills without them really know it.

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

rock and hard place. the best you can do is try and make it as fun as you can by being super encouraging. my bunch of 5 yr olds could easily be bored with some of the drills we do, but by being over the top enthusiastic about EVERYTHING they do well and encouraging when they drop a ball or make a mistake, helps keep the energy levels up. when my energy levels are low, so are theirs. i always get them screaming out loud group answers, ie WHOSE GOING TO HAVE AN AWESOME GAME TODAY? and they all yell, ME...that type of thing. also playing a fun warm up that they all like to play that is netball related, like tiggy, or rob the nest using their drink bottles and bibs, just anything to rev them up andn keep their energy levels up. this child also might naturally give up easily when something isnt easy. you can only do your best, and it sounds like you certainly are doing that.

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