How do you train to get past a zone defence.Kind regardsMadeleine

How do you train to get past a zone defence.Kind regardsMadeleine

How do you train to get past a zone defence. Kind regards Madeleine

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Hi Madeleine, its always so difficult to get out of a zone in netball, my girls set up a zone as a part of their everyday game, and so far we have come up against one team that it wasnt easy for them to get out of it, but they didnt struggle like other teams do. What zone are you trying to get out of, might be easier to try and help if you can sketch what the other team are doing? Otherwise, you can also set up your own zone, it will be just as hard for them to get out of it. Karen

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Hi Madeleine, A zone only works if all defensive players involved in the Zone are doing their job. Simply take one defensive player out. Screen a defensive player out of the zone by one of your players. Works every time! Does that make sense? Kim

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Players just have to find spaces,gaps to get in between zone players.All opponents are doing is facing passer and moving from side to side,your playrs need to judge movements of zone players and try move oppposite direction to get thru and receive pass.or get your players become defence unit, at last min drive or turn towards ball and drive hard into it to receive pass.

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Dear Karen,Morehu and Kim, Thank you very much for your feed back. Very helpful. I coach a prim. A team (11/12year olds) and zone defence had never been encountered yet...we are the only team practising mid court zone defence as an incentive for the girls as we probably need to move up a grade. As I am only a second year coach, it is one thing to train a zone defence but another to encounter one and get past one. Thank you again!!

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the purpose of zone defense to provide an illusion of no space. Really the space is still there but tighter, to get through your players need to shorten their passes and dodge

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Another thing a coach once taught a team I played in, was to do an attacking "short, short, long" set play. So when a zone defence was played on us, someone would call "short, short, long" and we would change our passing to two short passes then a long pass. The long pass was usually thrown into the next third, depending on where the zone defence was set. This seemed to settle our attacking play down (less panic from the surprise of a zone) and get the ball down to our attacking end without being intercepted by the defence. It was also a good way of finding the holes in the zone defence. Hope this helps. %3A-)

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Dear Mary and Amelia, Thank you very much for your feed back..very helpful. We have twice tried a zone defence which resulted in an immediate turn over but have not yet encountered one.... Kind regards Madeleine

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Hi I agree with the best way to break a zone defence is to get your players to drive into the pass -square off the pass. My year 8 players set up a good defence zone which only works if their arms are in the air looking like they are working the area, as soon as they relax the opposition gets through.

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