Defending the centre pass

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Focus on your team's defence - with a session designed to help your players put pressure on the opposition from the word "Go!" and prevent the other team reaching your shooting circle from the centre pass.

Defending the opposition's centre pass is the first opportunity your players will get the win back the ball and it should be grabbed with both hands! To help your players' defend like a well oiled machine this sessions works on defending set pieces, communication and movement.

What's in the Session?

To ensure every player on your team knows what their role is when defending centre passes this session looks at three set plays your team can adopt, practice and integrate into their game when defending the initial pass from the centre - getting players to cover the options, look for the interception and cover one another to put the squeeze on your opposition.

Get your players to support one another, communicate and defend like a well oiled machine with this defending plan.

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