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Using stratagies in netball

Hi, i am predominantly a U12yrs coach but i want to transition in to coaching the high school girls. I love all these drills and session plans and have found them very helpful, but i am looking now for information on strategies used in netball eg/strategic positioning of players when changing from attacking to suddenly defending after a turnover, or when should the GA drop back . when to use a zone defence or side-on defence. All these questions that aren't covered by drills. Is there somewhere to get this info or is it just learn as u go. Thank you

you know the best thing you could do is watch a few games on youtube of your fav team, and have a look at what the top player do, then take bits and pieces of that and tone it down for the age and ability of your team.

but basically you need to teach ALL your players to put pressure on each pass, no matter what their can easily play a game where its 3 on 3 and (4 on 4) which is just an attacking game, and every pass must be either zoning and hands over the ball.  as soon as there is an intercept, then so does their become defenders and vice verse.  that should help with your transition stategies.

as for when should a GA drop back...i cant stand seeing my GA any higher than her own tranisition line....and the WA no higher than the center circle (obviously there are times this isnt possible but thats the general way i position my team).  the defence side should be able to get the ball down to the center of the court and then the attack side take over.  that way the GA is never too deep on the court for a major turn over leaving the GS on her own.

zone defence is used to stop a moving player coming into the circle.  where as side on defence is to stop a stationary player from getting closer to the goal (or getting into a better position).  obviously these are very basic definitions and doesnt cover ever situation, but that should give you a basic idea.  the GK and GD can switch players to help with the set up of zone/blocking defence vs holding defence.  if you can imagine the GK holding her player in a side on manner while watching the GA movement, and as she starts to head towards the circle, the GD comes in earlier, and the switch is made prior to the GA getting to the edge of the circle so she meets the GK face on in a zone defence stalling her drive into the circle.  im sure you can come up with a drill to help teach these.

thank you that is very helpful, and yes i will watch a few games and see were they position themselves

Hi Lisa. I agree with Le-anne in that watching high level games and working out the ways in which the ball flows down the court, positioning of players prior to entering the passage of play and role reversals when turnovers occur is an easy way to get a better understanding of strategies used.  I used to just watch and enjoy before I started senior coaching but now I analyse and enjoy.  Watching on TV/Video does not give the full court picture and it is best to go to a few games even if they are the local A grade club games then you can see who is doing what before the ball gets anywhere near their area.  There are a few books out there which can give some tips but I haven't found anything that really addresses strategies in depth yet but some do cover court channelling and some set play options. Many do, however, cover court positions and responsibilities quite well. We coaches all have different ideas with our strategies but it does help to exchange ideas/opinions with other coaches as we are all learning and should use any resources available to us.  Joining the Netball SA Coaches/Umpires Assoc(or equiv in your State)gives members access to some very affordable ($10) short training courses which are a great way to learn from experienced presenters.  Also doing the Accredited Coaching Courses available in each State is another way to pick up info although you have to get past the Beginner Level to gain any useful netball info delivered in the Development Level.  Clubs & schools will often pay for the Beginner's Level as it covers risk management issues when dealing with players. 

Playing netball for many years didn't make me well informed to coach a team. I had to change hats completely and view the whole team goals from a different perspective.  It is very much a learn as you go thing and then adapt all you learn to the age/ability of your teams.


Thank you, yes constantly watching & learning has helped a lot. I also found little info on this & have tried completing as many courses as  is available to me. I appreciate ur reply!

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