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Breaking a defensive zone in goals?

Hi, my team is having issues breaking a defensive zone where the GD and GK sit high in our attack end and play an area rather than players, we tried manning up on them but just crowded the attack end and didn't work?  If we lob over them the other defender drops back and picks up the intercept, same when we pass to the corners.  Any advice will be gratefully received! Cheers Keli


am trying to understand what you mean here, but this is my presumption.  the GD depefends high in the goal third and the GK defends high around the circle, pressuring all the passes but leaving their player to move as they want?  im also assuming that these defence players are tall?  and probably 14-16yr olds?

the best line of attack for defence like this is speed of passes.  the GD and GK cant be everywhere, and if the ball is being passed around with fast passes, with strong leads and breaks then they wont be able to keep up.  

to achieve this the girls have to be confident about where each other is going to be and not hesitate on the passes.  this means a lot of training with moving the ball from one end to the next getting use to where each other is, and dont move the girls around much in position for that will throw off their rhythm.

so maybe if you practised a lot of center breaks with no defence at first and just concentrate on getting the ball into the circle with no more than a second in the girls hands, have your players do lots of breaks with sudden changes of directions so that your players can get use to where players NEED to be rather than where they are running to, and teaches them to get away from their players to get balls.  there is a session planner that came in recently designed exacty on how to break away from players.

the other thing you can teach your GS to do, is to defend the GK from behind.  that way she OWNS the circle, and restricts her movement, annoys the crap out of the GK (who probably isnt use to being defended and will not know what to do)  and sets up good lobs.  the important part is not to break too early for lobs or passes.  remember dont move for a lob until the ball is at the 12 oclock position (or even just after).  that way interception is almost impossible, and for a pss, that it needs to go to where the shooter needs to be, not to where she is.

hope that helps.


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  • create your own professional coaching plans
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