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Defensive Pressure - Advanced Session Thumbnail
Defensive Pressure - Advanced

Develop your player's ability to dictate their opponents movement and apply pressure to the ball carrier.

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  • Get into 3's with one ball 
  • Set up two cones approximately 4-5 meters apart 
  • One player will be the feeder and stand approximately 2-3 meters in front of the cones
  • One player will be the attacker and will start centrally behind the cones and the other player will be the defender and will start centrally in front of the cones 
  • The attacker will move between the two cones - running back and forth 
  • At any point the feeder and pass the ball in 
  • The defender must go for the interception 
  • The defender must get 3 interceptions to swap out 

Coaching points

The defender should focus on their body position, maintain and open body position - so they can see the ball and the player - this will give them the best chance of success 

  • To make it easier for the defender the attacker can slow down so they can focus on getting the body positioning correct 
  • To make it harder for the defender, the attacker can speed up their movement and change direction before reaching the cone 

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