Speedy, accurate footwork to outwit your opponent

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Speed, agility and accurate footwork are crucial skills within netball and play a key role in getting away from your opponent.

What's in the Session?

The session begins with a fun, competitive warm-up game focused on speed and agility. This theme is carried throughout the session, providing a series of drills looking at your player's movement and footwork. These practices will help your players keep a small footbase, enabling them to increase their speed and agility in order to get free from their opponent. ?Taking on two defenders? provides a perfect drill for your players to practice these skills. The session concludes with a fun team game that allows your players to demonstrate and practice what they have learnt.

These skills are not only crucial in attack, being able to create and penetrate space to creating goal-scoring opportunities, but also in defence in order to stick tight and dictate your opponent to create interceptions.

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