Driving onto the ball to penetrate space and maintain possession of the ball

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This session looks at developing your players attacking skills, in particular, focusing on driving towards the ball to receive the pass. Each practice looks to develop players ability to change direction and inject pace into their drive to have an edge over the opposition.

What's in the session?

Players will start to read off one another and anticipate each other's movements whether that be driving to receive the ball or driving to clear the space for another player. The first practice test the players footwork to make sharp, agile turns to move into space and drive onto the ball. The skills then progress into learning the most effective movement patterns to create space and receive the pass, moving off the defender to create a connection.

The session grows into scenarios which focusses on the same theme of driving onto the ball but in different places on the court. Going into the circle is vital to have crisp, sharp movement there the practices give the players that experience before applying the principles in a modified game.

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