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Effectively finding space Session Thumbnail
Effectively finding space

Develop your players ability to create and penetrate space, working as a unit to provide offers for the ball carrier.

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Set up a triangle of attackers (3m apart) with a defender in the middle of them.

The person at the top of the triangle starts with the ball, passes to one of the other attackers and runs into the triangle to receive the ball back. They then pass again to either attacker and cross the bottom line of the triangle to be outside of the triangle. They receive the ball back again and the first attacker they passed to runs to take their space at the top of the triangle. The attacker behind the line passes the ball to the new top attacker, takes the free space and the drill repeats.

Coaching points


  • Quick feet
  • Front cut or back cut defender
    (Front cut- drive forward then if the defender's bodyweight shifts they can change and go in behind them.
    Back cut- drive back to move the defender out of position and then get in front).

Defender dictates by stepping up and not just moving down the court when the attacker runs at them

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