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Set up two squares side by side about 4 x 4m each.

Have a Feeder positioned at the top of each square, with an Attacker and a Defender in one of the squares.

The Feeder next to the box of the Attacker passes the ball to the Attacker, and the Defender tries to intercept. If the Attacker receives the ball they pass to the other Feeder and then run into the other box to receive the ball back. In this way they swing from side to side, trying to get free for every pass.

  1. 6-8 reps and then swap over
  2. Feeders can swing the ball (pass between each other)

The Attacker can pass back to either Feeder

Coaching points

How you get free 1 vs 1

Attackers need to:

  • Try to hold their space
  • Step across the Defender to get in front
  • Turn their back on the Defender so that their body is between the Defender and the pass

Ball placement by the Feeders is important

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