doe's anyone now any good getting free tips?

doe's anyone now any good getting free tips?

hi guys, im jada i just made it into a rep team but i want to get even better with my movement in the circle, i'am a goal shooter and i'm really tall 5, 10 to be exact i'm also only twelve years old but i want to be unstoppable as a shooter because i hate being second. so could you please help me on anything to do with getting free like dodging or something just some sneaky tricks?? thanks guys regards jada

Netball CoachCoach
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

congrats Jada and it sounds like you definitely have a passion for netball.  thats awesome.  the best tip i can offer you is to get amazing at defence.  i dont mean so you can swap positions, but it will make you a lot more versitile for your team.  but knowing how to defend your opponent and controlling the circle is the best thing you can do.  so learn to zone and fast footwork.  

im assuming you know about split stance, but if you dont, learn to land in the circle evenly on both feet in a wide stance, with your back foot aiming at the goal post.  as both feet are grounded you can step onto the foot closest to the goal post.  set yourself up for a shot, and if you dont like the position, quickly turn and pass to the WA or C (whoever is behind you) once the ball is released, resplit and catch the ball again (very fast passing required to do this successfully).  

if you do this with your hips facing the outside of the circle, and your backfoot heal facing up and ball of foot on the ground as your grounded part of your foot, as you replace your whole foot on the ground, dont do your usual pivot on the ball of your foot.  put your heal on the ground first (hips still facing to the outside of the circle) and pivot on the heal of your foot and then put your foot down facing the goal in order to get into correct stance for shooting.  you have just gained an extra foot by doing this, and since you are so tall, im assuming you have big feet.  every inch counts.

 the last thing i will suggest is make sure you dont contain yourself to the circle.  you too are responsible of help your team get the ball into the circle.  so come out and take the pressure off your other team mates to get the ball into the circle.  it opens up the circle for your GA to receive a pass into an empty circle.

so basically, defence, split stance, heal pivot, and coming out are my suggestions.  hope that helps.

Netball CoachCoach

When u are behind your GK just go back to back and do a spin and then lead. I am a defender and I am 13 and this usually does me in. 

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

you can do this manoeuvre by still facing the stand behind defender with your chest to her back and do a "roll out" or a "reverse roll out" and than way you always be keeping the ball in sight and breaking at the correct time.

both of these manoeuvres are taught on here or Google them.  there is bound to heaps of videos teaching it.

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