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Create a square, approximately 3m x 3m as shown by the by the blue cones in the diagram.

Two feeders will stand either side of the square, with an attacker and defender in the middle.

The attacker will get free to receive the ball from one feeder (as shown) and then offload to the other feeder.

The attacker will then get free again to receive the ball from this feeder and the pass to the opposite feeder - the process repeats.

The attacker must alternate feeders each time.

The practice is continuous, therefore the attacker will continue to work for a set number of passes or a set time.

Ensure all players are rotated to get an opportunity at each role.

Coaching points

Remind the players of ways to get free from the defender - these may include a change of pace, change of speed, rolls or using their body for example.

The feeders have an important role to place the ball accurately and away from the defender.

The attacker should turn their hips and head fully to offload the ball - this will help open the attackers vision, as well as maintain an advantage from the defender.


Challenge the attacker to complete a set number of passes consecutively without a mistake or a touch from the defender - for example 5 consecutive passes before they can switch out of the square.

To challenge the defence you could set a condition that they may only switch out if they interrupt the practice - either a tip or interception.

Drill tags: getting free, movement

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