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Getting free on a center pass

Hi Please help me, My Daughter played GS most of the time - last year the coaches played with her on several position in field, This year she plays GA but she seems to be taking to long to come open or she is to fast, and the defenders picks up on her movements and it's position overturned... How can I help her with timing?

i alway encourage parents to first approach their childs coach, as they have their own way of teaching certain skills and there is nothing worse than getting info that is conflicting to what she gets from training.

if you get no where with that port of call, then here are some tips:

it sounds like what she is lacking is preliminary moves.  they are the moves players use to get away from their players.  there are a number of them and she should have at least 3-4 she uses at random or to suit the situation as you never want your defender to know what you are about to do.

1.  straingt line drive...where she will run at top speed towards the ball.  this is the most common pre lim move and the reason why most players have the ball interecepted or the ball not thrown to them as their opponent is probably faster than they are.  only use if you are the faster player.

2. change of pace...where you start at once speed then change your pace then maybe even change it again.  all to get your player confused or to run past you giving you a chance to then to do pre lim 1.

3.  change of away from the ball and then suddenly change direction towards the ball.  this can also be used in conjuction with number 2.

4.  dodge...where you are beind the player on your toes, and shift weight from one foot and then take off on the other foot in the opposite direction.  to do this successfully you need to make sure the hips turn with the feet and change of weight.

5.  double above but you do the weight change twice so that your opponent is never sure what direction you are going to go.  most common problem with learning this skill is that you keep just going from side to side.  this move needs to be done very quickly and with the knowledge of what side you are going to break on....dont just keep going side to side.

6.  half turn....mainly done in the circle.  when you are behind your player put your back top to their back, be up on your toes step to one side and then turn your body so you always turn AWAY from your opponent so it now is facing the front and driving forward.  

7.  full turn...more commonly used as you never have your back to the play...again mainly used in the circle, but this time have your front to the back of your player, up on your toes, take a step to one side, and again always turning your body away from your defence, turn completely so as to confuse them as to what direction you are going to go in, and then end up facing the ball again and drive forward.

i hope some of these make sense.  but like i said, try with talking to her coach first and see if she can show her some drills she can practise at home first.

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  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans