how to mark the player in netball

how to mark the player in netball

i need to know some techniques when marking a player in netball.

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Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

there are 4 basic ways to mark a player.

in front forward facing. stand in front of the attacker and slightly to one side so you can see them out of the corner of your eye. you need to be on the balls of your toes move side to side keeping the player in sight as well as the ball. a good drill is to have 2 cones and the attacker is allowed to only move between them and you are to stick with them at all times. you can add a drive forward and you are to try and get the intercept. you do this if you are taller than the attacker and you want the intercept.

in front face to face. stand in front facing the player. you can be either tall or shorter for this type of defence as the main aim is to stop the player from getting to a particular area. ensure you are not leaning into your player, arms are relaxed beside you, on your toes and soft knees. a good drill is to have a cone that you have to keep your player from.

side on. more of an in goal technique to both defend goal position as well as be ready to attack, this is best used if you are of similar height and want to attack the intercepts. a good drill is have 2 cones and the attacker tries to get move between them to get the best position for a pass and then shot. the defender is to try and restrict her movement as well as intercept or deflect the inbound pass. if unsuccessful then setup for defending the shot. ensure the defender is not leaning into the player by keeping their chest up and eyes on the inbound pass. stay on their toes, soft knees, arms besides and relaxed. the attacker should be turning their body to get a better position for the shot, and the defender should ensure that their body is always between the goal post and the attacker.

behind. this is where you stand almost completely behind the player with the intent on purely keeping them from getting closer to the goal post. this mainly done by short defenders against tall attacker where intercepts are very unlikely, or when double teaming (one in front and one behind). stand behind and slightly to one side (keeping your body between the goal and the player). stand so you can see the ball coming down so you can try and predict the play, and then on the attackers feet so you can see where they are going to go. again keep your arms beside you, on your toes, soft knees and do not lean on your player but use your body to stop them. a good drill would be to have a square in the goal circle and have an attacker you have to keep as far away from the goal post. as soon as they have the ball then defend the shot.

hope that helps

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