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What drills can get the passer to look long, with receiver moving back?

what are some drills to get passer to look long and a receiver to go back to get pass? thanks

how old are the girls in your team?  and are the players capable of throwing an accurate long pass?  most lower age division players just dont have the strength or accuracy for long passes, so it would be pointless in teaching them at this age.  however if they are older and capable, then you could consider getting them to practise transverse to transverse passes to each other.  once they can accurately throw that distance with good solid passes, then you can start organising drills for the center players to look towards the goal end to find a free player.  remembering though once the defence see the pass coming, they have a much greater time to get the intercept.  but all you do is do some set plays just to teach them to look for the longer pass and drive.  they dont have to be anything fancy, or anything you would use in a game, but enough to get the girls thinking about the longer passes, and dropping back.  

there was a drill i used on my girls when they inisted on running away from the ball.  they would run towards me and take a pass and return to me, and then around me and away for me to give them a pass into the space they were running into.

but like i said, im not a fan of the long pass at the younger ages, as it rarely works out.  so be careful at introducing long passes, as you may end up regretting it.  

Thanks Lee-anne that's helpful. Yes they are capable - they are Y7 (12yrs).

Just a bit short-sighted :-)

I got a game off this site which was great for this. I think it was called street ball not 100%. You put half in bibs and half not but no positions they are alowed any where on the court but you make a up a number say 6 pass's to get it to your end of the court they have 3 seconds to pass or it goes to the opposite team and then they have 6 pass's to get it back to there end it stopped them doing 10 little short pass 's close by and to look down the court. As we went on we changed the rules to 2 seconds and only chest pass's and had to call for the ball and maybe only 4 pass's to the end if they did not do this it automatically go's to the other team. it is fast and they love it. good luck

* Link added by Sportplan Team

Fantastic suggestion - thanks for that Ray - I'm trying this today!

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