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All Rounder Fitness part 2

Continue to work on your player's fitness with the second part of this all-rounder fitness session

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Players must run around the outside of their shape, changing direction as quickly as possible.

Players must work at full speed (sprint) for 15 seconds, running around the outside of the cones.

After this the coach will should "Jog". For the next 30 seconds players must jog around their shape and then finally the coach shouts "rest".

During rest time players must put their hands on their head (to catch their breath) and can either stand still or walk slowly around their shape.

Coaching points

15 seconds - Maximum intensity running.

30 seconds jogging - Medium intensity.

15 rest (walking or standing still) - low intensity.

Players should focus on running at speed and changing sharply changing direction with a strong push off.

Quick, fast, small steps!

Drill tags: change, direction, fit, fitness, running, stamina

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