Movement Skills - Making Space to receive the Pass

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A important aspect of any netball players game is the ability to recognise and create space. This helps prevent the common issue of players crowding on court, particularly around the ball carrier. If players can move and create space, they take their defenders with them, allowing the court to open up and options to be clearer for the ball carrier.

What's in the Session?

1) Working on your players change of direction and movement - This will enable them to get free from their defender and provide an option for the ball carrier

2) Awareness of your teammates - Reading off your teammates movement will allow a more balanced court, creating more space. It will also prevent your players crowding as they begin to recognise and take into account other players movement.

3) Considering other important aspects - It is not as simple as simply driving for a ball, there are numerous points to consider. These include movement, timing, speed, passing accuracy and the ability to get free.

4) Game situations - It is important that your players can put the drills learnt into practice. This section focuses on allowing the players to practice making space in their specific court area. Here more tactical play can be created, for example 'give and go's'.

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