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Coaching juniors from the sidelines - can we communicate with players?

While coaching my 9-12 yr olds recently I was told by the nearest umpire that I was not allowed to call helpful tips out to my players while games is in play. Is this correct procedure for "Adult" games or was the umpire being a little strict for the age group?Thankyou Christina WA Coach

Coaching is allowed from the side line, as long as the coach stays in one place, and does not move along the line.

Hi Christina,

We had a similar question to yours a few weeks ago so I've included it for you below:

Q. Where are coaches permitted to stand during a game?

It would seem there's a lot of variation from area to area. If in doubt it's often best to speak to the umpire before the game - to get them "on side" and make sure you're both on the same page.

Best of luck with your 9-12 year olds!
The Sportplan Team

i coach all the time from the sidelines as my team is quite young and still need a lot of encouraging and correction during the game.  i have never been told not to coach, but it is frowned upon during the finals as the team should already be playing at their best.  (so i just get creative with job driving forward.  awesome tight defence...ect).  there are always

if you want to know if there is a problem with what youre doing, go and see the umpiring conveyor.  they will be able to let you know their ruling, and if the umpire is not adhering to it, then at least you will get that issued addressed.

As mentioed above, pick one spot to stand, make it back from the court lines so as not to get in the umpires way. From there you should be able to 'encourage' your team. An umpire may call you up if you are being overly harsh/loud/abusive, but stay positive and stay pt and they shouldn't have a problem.

I think its not good to coach on the sidelines as this prevent players from being innovative and thinking for themselves.

But again it depends on your training methods. But we should not forget that like other sports, players should benefit mentally by thinking and making their own decisions as this will benefit them in their daily life styles as they will be able to tackle their challenges head on.

The relevant rule is 

3.4.2 Team Officials and bench players may coach while play is in progress provided that they remain seated or stand at their Team Bench. 

In the various junior competition I've been involved with, this is generally interpreted as 'pick a spot to coach from, and then stay there'. 

I coach a junior team...I always coach from the but seatead..but at times I get so emotional and angry with the umpires as I have been chased away from the bench...but with my players I always stay positive with my comments...I should think its very helpful to coach young athletes from the bench as they forget easily..
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