Where are coaches permitted to stand during a game?

Where are coaches permitted to stand during a game?

Hi, does anybody know exactly where the coaches are allowed to stand during a game? I have asked a few people already and they are not 100% sure . It would be great if anyone has the correct answer to this and/or where I could find it? Thanks

Mick Coach, Australia
Mick Coach, Australia

I have been on Netball Australia & Netball QLD & cannot find any information on this?? We do not have a designnated area for coaches at our Club Netball Courts so I am really at a loss at the moment as to the correct answer to this... Any ideas anyone?? Thanks 

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

at our comps you are allowed to stand anywhere off court as long as it doesnt impede on the umpires area (which basically is about 1-2m away from the sidelines.  but once you have found your location you are not permitted to move from it during the entire game.  not sure if thats written, but it was a change our association made a couple of years back.

Mick Coach, Australia

Hi Leanne,thanks for your input,yeah it's seems a bit of a grey area at the moment..I have spoken to our coaching convenor & she is contacting someone fromm our netball association to clarify where coaches are permitted to stand/move etc..I actually spoke with a high up representive coach last night at a coaching clinic and she was not 100% sure on the amswer & said when she is coaching games there is an area/box where she has to stay but if there is nothing like that at our courts(which there is not) that she thinks we would be able to roam as long as we do not impede the umpires.I will wait and see what info I hear back from our association ...I actually like to walk to both ends of the court during the game so I can encourage both my attacking & defensive players & as a first time coach I am not aware of any rule that does not allow me to do this as I have seen other coaches doing the same thing,so until I hear any different from our association I will continue to roam and encourage all my players during their game (despite the whingeing and rudeness of an opposition coach that I and my players parents encountered last weekend)...I appreciate your reply so thanks again. Mick : )

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

no probs mick. I'm lucky enough to have one of those voices that actually carries to the other end of the court, so dont need to move...lol  but i am very vocal in the game as players need to know what they are suppose to be doing to be able to learn where to go and what they are doing wrong.  but i also like to encourage the other team and when they make amazing plays i will make sure they are aware that it was pretty awesome. good for you for coaching a team.  its pretty daunting that first year, but when you see the girls progress and know that you were part of that, then its very rewarding, no matter how much grief you can cop.  

i coach a lot during games and dont get told off for it (even though i have heard other coaches complaining), and will continue to do so until I am told otherwise.  it seems you have done all you can to get a ruling on your moving around, so i would continue to do so if it is providing a positive supportive environment that works for your team.

Mel TurdeichCoach, New Zealand

I'm in NZ and similarly coach along the sidelines to encourage the girls and am careful to stay away from the goal ends and allow room for the umpires.

Mick Coach, Australia

Thanks for your input Leeanne & Mel,I do like to encourage my players during their games and I have also asked the girls if I am putting them off & they say that they don't mind me calling out & I can tell when the need Gee up to help them stay focused,& I am getting rewards every week as they have improved & are more competitive & confident players now ..I made a Team motto up at the start of the season "Have FUN & Be COMPRTITIVE " & they all say it amongst themselves in their Team huddle before the start of each game then finish off with their loud Team chant....I have a Great bunch of girls that has made it easier for me to Coach & I look forward to watching & encourageing them every week!!

Thanks again MiniBusMick LOL

Netball CoachCoach

Im not sure of the actual rule. Ive been told that you are not allowed to coach/direct players from sidelines ! Ive also been told that a coach must remain stationary.  I have been told that using the players name is not allowed. I move away from all parents and umpires - and plot myself at one end of the court ! I do direct - and i do encourage - and i do compliment the other team on good plays.

Mick Coach, Australia

Thanks for your input Louise

I have asked our coaching convenour to ask the netball association as to a rule on this...

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

i have heard about the no coaching whilst on court, but this is only really enforced during finals.  to me when the kids are very young its important to help them know what and where they should be.  thats coaching, but at the lower levels and ages its critical for their learning.  at the higher ages and levels then im guessing its enforced a lot more.

Rachel Coach, Australia

Hi guys, it may just depend on the specific rules of the association you are playing in and the level. Our Grace 3 Clinic (beginners) allows the coaches to run on the court and work with the umpires to give the girls guidance aswell as corrections. I know that once they enter the next year level of playing that the coaches are permitted on the sidelines & allowed to compliment players, but any coaching is only permitted in the breaks. As the level of competition gets higher - rules & regulations get tighter. Hope this helps.

Ron PadgettCoach, Australia

Hi Mick, I will be interested to find the correct answer to your question also. I have been told that coaches must stay in the centre third  of the court, and must not move up and down the sideline, or direct play.

Mick Coach, Australia

Hi,I spoke to a couple of our umpires on Saturday & they both said to me that I am allowed to walk up and down the court encourageing our players as long as I do not impede the umpires,& I can stand at the end of the courts on grass off  where the courts ends too(but probably best not to stand inbetween where  2 court ends meet)...

Seems to me that each Netball Association may differ in their rules about this..

I have spoken to umpires about this also ,so I will continue to move if I wish behind the umpires line unless told otherwise by our association (& not by a very rude coach from another team)....

The Team & I are having fun & I hope all your Teams are too :)

 Thanks Mick

Netball CoachCoach

Hi Mick, thank you for sharing your research. 

For interest sake - are you coaching in NSW and what age group please ?

Mick Coach, Australia

Hi Louise, no we are in QLD & the girls are in Under 14's ...

 Thanks Mick

Netball CoachCoach

Thank you Mick. 

There seems to be so many different "rules" or ïnterpretations by different associations.

I guess the best thing is to ask your umpires - as you have done - so as to not offend or upset  anyone !!!

After all - we all want the same thing - to do the best we can for the team !



Mick Coach, Australia

So true,I just want everything to run as smoothly as possible & for my Team & the opposition to have FUN !! & our Team to win of course!! (that's the competitive side of me coming out LOL)  : )

Netball CoachCoach

*Laughing*  A coach should believe in "their" team for the win... so there's nothing wrong with the power of positive thinking. As coach you have agreed in helping the team and individuals to learn and grow in confidence on the court and around netball (sport). A win is success and a loss is a lesson !!! 

Mick Coach, Australia

Hopefully my Team don't have to many "lessons" ,if you know what I mean Louise :) Good luck to your Team  too

Netball CoachCoach

Our association has a rule that we must stand in the centre third without impeding the umpires. We must also have coaches and managers and assistants all on the same side of the court.
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Mick Coach, Australia

Hi Gay,where is your association? Thanks for your input

Mel TurdeichCoach, New Zealand

I'm in NZ and attended a coaches/managers briefing after our game yesterday - we were advised we cannot side line coach so must stay stationery or leave it to the umpire to umpire and coach the teams. I was slightly disappointed because as a coach, I prefer not to umpire my team to allow me to fully take the game in and assess skill levels/areas of focus we have been working on and areas to focus on next.  Similarly, this keeps things impartial and the roles/responsibilities clear.

Mick Coach, Australia

We actually had an Umpire umpire our recent game and she was also the coach of our opposition 

Mel TurdeichCoach, New Zealand

How did you find it Mick?

Cheryl CookCoach, Australia

Thought this might help.  From Official Rule Book

3.4.2 Team Officials and bench players may coach while play is in progress provided that they remain seated or stand at their Team Bench. Coaching is also allowed during intervals (refer Rules 2.1 and 2.2) and during Stoppages (refer Rule 7). Team Officials and bench players may not indulge in inappropriate comments or behaviour (refer Rules 20 (iv) and 20.1.2).

Kath StyantCoach, Australia

The rule as per Netball Australia is as above.  It doesn't specify where the team bench is but it is expected it is the same for the duration of the game and you are not permitted to roam up and down the sideline.  The application of this is usually different at a local level and dependent on the skill level of the team.

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