Back to Basics - Effective Footwork

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Develop your player?s basic footwork and help them land correctly in matches, on their outside foot when receiving and passing the ball. It?s also crucial to improve the turning in the air skill, so your players are able to shut out the defender and make a fast pass in the right direction. Go back to basics and get your players on the quick attack!

For your more able players, you can focus on the one, two release but for starters, get your team thinking about their landing technique and the right footwork. Stress the importance of landing on the outside foot, in order for your players to be ready to make the next pass, making it efficient to launch a quick attack.

As well as going back to basics with footwork, work on the core skills needed for Netball, such as passing and agility. Get your players prepared for your next match with this session!

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