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Revisit key skills in a fun, engaging way, whilst ensuring your players are following social distancing rules and remaining safe.

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Developing core strength to execute a powerful pass Session Thumbnail
Developing core strength to execute a powerful pass

Develop your player's ability to consistently execute and deliver accurate, powerful passes throughout the duration of a game.

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  • Get into pairs with one ball
  • One player (the worker) will get into a side plank position 
  • The other player will be the feeder 
  • Whilst the worker holds the side plank position the feeder will pass the ball to the workers free hand 

Coaching points

  • Make sure the worker maintains a solid side plank position, with their hip high - if they begin to lower their hip get the feeder to remind them to keep it high 
  • Ensure the pass is accurate and to the workers hand for the best chance of success
  • Ensure the worker swaps sides 
  • Swap positions, so the worker will feed and the feeder will work 
  • You can get your players to work for a set time, number of passes or challenge them to see how many passes they can do whilst maintaining the correct side plank position 

Drill tags: ball, pass, side plank, strength

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