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Developing core strength to execute a powerful pass Session Thumbnail
Developing core strength to execute a powerful pass

Develop your player's ability to consistently execute and deliver accurate, powerful passes throughout the duration of a game.

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  • Get into 3's with two balls 
  • One player (the worker) will get into a plank position 
  • The other two players will be the feeders, they will stand either side of the worker - approximately 1-2 meters away 
  • The worker will begin by holding a normal front plank position
  • However, they will then move their body weight onto one arm and receive the ball from the feeder 

Coaching points

  • The workers arm closest to the feeder will be the one they receive the ball in - for example if the feeder was standing on the right, the worker would move their body weight onto their left after, allowing their right arm to be free to receive the ball 
  • Try to limit the movement in your hips - you want to keep them as still as possible 
  • Try to maintain a strong core - keeping your hips up, bum down and tensed core
  • Ensure each player gets a turn as the worker and a feeder
  • NOTE: If you only have one partner you can still do this drill, the feeder will just have to run around the feeder to work both sides 

Drill tags: passing, plank, plank variation, strength

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