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Catching Drills

Catching is how the player takes control of the ball with their hands from a pass, kick or lineout. The catching videos and drills below will boost yo...

Lineout Drills

A lineout is used to restart play, when the ball has left the field of play. Unless your team has "kicked for touch" when awarded a penalty the "throw...


Catching A High Ball

category: Catching

Rugby Catching a high ball Catching Call for the ball! Head and eyes up looking at the ball, get in line with the ball. Quickly move to the ball's 'd...

Catching A High Ball

category: Catching

Rugby League Catching a high ball Catching Move to get under the ball Hands and arms up (point at the ball) Keep body sideways on with wide stance St...

Lift And Catch

category: Catching

Rugby Lift and catch Catching in groups of 4 or 5 Player in the middle to support both sides. player with the ball throws or kicks the ball into the ...

Kicking Accuracy And Catching

category: Kicking

Rugby Kicking accuracy and catching Kicking 5 players working with 1 ball in a grid 20 by 20 meters, working on their grubber kicks and punts. One pl...


category: Catching

Rugby Support Catching The aim of the drill is to develop a high ball over head catch with a support player behind to catch anything over head.

3 V 1 Grid

category: Catching

Rugby 3 v 1 Grid Catching 6x6m Grid Ball Players line up in 3s opposite sides of the grid. Simply pass the ball along the line. 1 defender is in the ...

High Kick Catching

category: Catching

Rugby High Kick Catching Catching Drill to practice catching high kicks. Set up a grid roughly 15m long and 10m wide. Get a line of players on one si...

Rugby Ball Overhead

category: Catching

Rugby Rugby Ball Overhead Catching The aim of the drill is to develop a high ball over head catch.

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The Zones Game

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