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Catching Drills

Catching is how the player takes control of the ball with their hands from a pass, kick or lineout. The catching videos and drills below will boost yo...

Lineout Drills

A lineout is used to restart play, when the ball has left the field of play. Unless your team has "kicked for touch" when awarded a penalty the "throw...


High Kick Catching

category: Catching

Rugby High Kick Catching Catching Drill to practice catching high kicks. Set up a grid roughly 15m long and 10m wide. Get a line of players on one si...

Lift And Catch

category: Catching

Rugby Lift and catch Catching in groups of 4 or 5 Player in the middle to support both sides. player with the ball throws or kicks the ball into the ...

3 V 1 Grid

category: Catching

Rugby 3 v 1 Grid Catching 6x6m Grid Ball Players line up in 3s opposite sides of the grid. Simply pass the ball along the line. 1 defender is in the ...

Attack The Catch

category: Catching

Rugby Attack the catch Catching 3 players, 1 ball, 1 pad. Player with the ball throws up the ball for the player without the pad to run up to jump an...


category: Catching

Rugby Support Catching The aim of the drill is to develop a high ball over head catch with a support player behind to catch anything over head.

Rugby Ball Overhead

category: Catching

Rugby Rugby Ball Overhead Catching The aim of the drill is to develop a high ball over head catch.

Rugby Ball Underarm

category: Catching

Rugby Rugby Ball Underarm Catching The aim of the drill is to develop basic high ball catching skills.

Clockwork Passing

category: Catching

Rugby Clockwork Passing Catching 4 + groups Balls All players have a ball, start by passing the ball once left then twice right, then 3 times left et...

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The Zones Game

Use this fantastic drill in your next coaching session today and get ready to work your players hard



Community Drills

Santa Says

Santa(coach) gives the players an instruction and the players do it.For example:Santa (Coach) says - throw ball in the air and clap before catching, S...