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Maul Drills

A maul is similar to a ruck but occurs when the ball is held up off the floor (in a player's hand). The maul drills, videos and mini games below will ...

Ruck Drills

A ruck occurs when the ball carrier is tackled and players from each side make contact over the ball which is on the ground (it differs from a maul wh...


Maul Touch

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Maul Touch Warm Up Be brief when telling the players the laws of this game, it's important to get them moving quickly. This is not a contact ga...

Tag Maul Game

category: Maul

Rugby Tag Maul Game Maul Groups of 10. 5 v 5 Match. Players start the game and after each touch the touched player must simulate a MAUL by turning an...


category: Maul

Rugby Loop Maul First attacker runs straight and passes to second attacker (in middle channel). First player runs around second to recieve the pass i...

Rip And Ruck

category: Maul

Rugby Rip and Ruck Maul Players stand in a circle, about 5 meters apart. Two player, one with a ball, positioned in the centre of the circle. The bal...


Developing the Maul

Work on your team's maul technique with this session, improving their current ability to create, secure and defend the maul


Community Drills

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Maul game to start- touch maul. In groups of 5-6 max. play touch game whereby player taking it into contact must turn and SH must rip the ball away/ ...

Walking Maul

Blue team starts with the ball and must advance the ball by purely walking with itbuilding a maul, Body positrion and technique

Tram track Ruck and maul

Blue team Starts with the ball and attempts to score at the opposite end, Red team are attempting to stop tehmWhere to attack,Ruck or mauil


Once a driving maul has been initiated and we have some go forward 8 will look to break off the back and feed 9 who will attack the 1st defender.9 the...