Inclusive rugby - Any tips and advice from coaches who have experience coaching kids between 2-7 years and children with special needs

Inclusive rugby - Any tips and advice from coaches who have experience coaching kids between 2-7 years and children with special needs

Hi folks,

I have been coaching children from 7 to 16 years for along time. I now have a new challenge. We are opening rugby up for children from 2 years to 7 years. We will also be holding classes for children with special needs and would appreciate any tips or dialogue with coaches who have any experience.

I look forward to exchanging views and results with any coaches willing to share. We will hold a few test sessions in the near future and will stay in touch.

Many thanks.

Kieron .Hong Kong. ( rugby for all)

Kieron CombesCoach, Hong Kong
Kofi DwaahCoach, England

Hi Kieron,

I haven't had any direct experience myself but I've seen there are some drills and practices for Juniors in the drill section - practices for juniors.

Hopefully you'll find a drill there that can be of service to you.

All the best

Iain KeysCoach, England

Hi Kieron

Speak to the parents of those with special needs and find out the issues and then speak to an expert to understand the behaviour so you know how to deal with them. Then it can be quite straightforward.

With all kids, get them playing games to learn, avoid drills as they are boring. plenty of encouragement even for the most simple thing done well. Lots of energy from the coach rubs off. Keep ypur chat down to a minimum as well. Good luck!

Dave BealCoach, England

Hi Kieron,

I work for RugbyTots as well as coach at my club, so currently work with kids from age 2 up to 15. With the very littlies you are less about rugby coaching than about playing fun games using some of the concepts of rugby and helping to develop their gross motor skills.

So: how to carry a ball properly while running; basic throwing and catching; kicking the ball from the floor or off a tee if you have some dismountable posts to aim at (my company Drop-Kick Rugby sells them!!); running and scoring tries; evasive running and looking for space (lots of `tig` type games you can use for this); chasing and catching other people. The younger the kids are, the more you want their parents involved if possible, they can partner them in the games and help with coaching points, and kids love being chased by and chasing their mum/dad.

In addition, we try and add educational value and support the early years curriculum; this means lots of colour and shape recognition, counting and recognition of letters and basic words. Above all, we reinforce social skills like the importance of sharing, playing gently and not hurting others, taking turns and playing to rules. All very simple at the start with an emphasis on maximum activity, getting more complex as they get older - my 5-7 group at Rugbytots plays a tag rugby match every week now and the teamwork and support is great; every one fo them could transition into a club environment now without any issues.

Hope this helps, if you have specific questions you want to ask please mail me at [ in profile...] .



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