Drill Categories

Warm Up Drills

Warm up drills in rugby are important because they get your players' muscles ready for exercise and help to reduce the risk of injury. They're also a ...


Tackle Fitness

category: Sevens

Rugby Tackle Fitness Sevens The runner/tackler starts 10 meters back, runs forward and places the ball down just before the bag, and in the same motio...

Agility Fitness Drill

category: Warm-up

Rugby League Agility Fitness Drill Warm up Set up the practice as shown above. 40m x 20m Grid. Groups of 4 Player start in the bottom right corner and...

7'S Fitness Handling

category: Sevens

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Depth, Fitness, Warming Up

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Depth, Fitness, Warming Up Warm Up This exercise is all about getting deep lines of support, speed onto the ball, warming up the entire body, ....

Web Videos

How to get fit for rugby

Fitness for rugby isn't black and white. This video covers three methods you can use to improve your aerobic capacity. Learn not ...


Fitness Testing Session

Put some responsibility onto your players and make sure that they?re up to the standard they should be after pre-season. Test their levels with this s...

Pre-season Contact Build-Up

After a long off season period it's important to carefully ease your players back into contact - use this session to get your players tackling again i...

Pre-season Burner 2

Get the team excited to be back together again. Pre-season?s going to be a battle, but go and make it fun with this burner!


Community Drills


Complete 3 times for 15 seconds each

Warm up drill( fitness )

Pass the ball through the hands. Sprint when doing it. Accelerate when you catch the ball. Try line to try line.Hands infront of you target.