Pre-Season: Skills Foundation Session

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This week's session is designed to refresh your players' handling skills and improve their passing, helping them to regain their match form before the start of the season

After a lazy summer not only will players have lost their match fitness, they will also be out of practice and will need to remind themselves of how to read situations on the field as well as how to perform under pressure.

What's in the Session?

Team HuddleTo get your team working together again towards match-readiness we kick things off with a dynamic pairs warm up (which you can use throughout your season) before then warming your players' hands with some simple passing across the line exercises. Once everyone has woken up it's time to up the ante with some handling under pressure exercises including the fun attacking with pace game of Waterfall Attack.

Use this session today and get your players match-ready!

Session Ratings: 10 ratings with 2 comments (see below)
Session Comments:
Pre-Season: Skills Foundation Session
Vicky alexander
England Vicky alexander
I found this technically quite hard for first timers but ok for those who are in their 2nd year
Pre-Season: Skills Foundation Session
Daniel Khor
Singapore Daniel Khor

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