Drill Categories

Contact Skills Drills

A major part of rugby involves two or more players making physical contact with each other. Contact normally takes place during a tackle, lineout, scr...

Kicking Drills

Use the kicking drills and videos below to develop your players' accuracy, technique, tactical awareness and skills so they know the right kick to use...


Warm-Up Tag

category: Tag-rugby

Rugby League Warm-up tag Tag rugby Start your session by splitting the players into two teams, one with bibs and the other without. Once the teams ha...

Single Tag Rugby.

category: Contact-Skills

Rugby Single Tag rugby. Contact Skills Start the session with a game of single Tag rugby.

Ball Tag

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Ball Tag Warm Up Make sure that you have your warm-up area marked out before your players arrive, it's important that you get them working righ...

Catch Me If You Can

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Catch me if you can Tag Rugby Up to 10 in a group. Each player should have a tag belt. Each player partners up with someone and then stand side...

Scarecrow Tag

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Scarecrow Tag Tag Rugby Groups of 5 Grids 5 m x 5 m All players wear Tags Nominated player attempts to tag other players. The defender must giv...

Double Tag Rugby

category: Tackling

Rugby Double Tag Rugby Tackling Tackler must remove both tags simultaneously.

Double Tag Rugby

category: Contact-skills

Rugby League Double Tag Rugby Contact skills Tackler must remove both tags simultaneously.

Double Tag Rugby

category: Tackling

Rugby League Double Tag Rugby Tackling Tackler must remove both tags simultaneously.

Web Videos

Tag rugby - an introduction

Ireland coach Les Kiss gives an introduction to tag rugby - a fun way to stay fit, enjoy a great social scene and develop your skills.


Developing Invasive Attacking Skills!

Improve your players decision making to help them recognise where the space will develop and how they can maximise their success when they create the ...


Community Drills

Tag - Defensive Line

Set up 20m x 20m grid,place 4 cones equally spaced across the grid 5m out from the base line and another 4 equally spaced across the try line.queue 4 ...

2vs 1

2 players have to try to score in the ingoal.They can get touch max 3 timesEverytime they get touch they need to pass the ballRun forwardPass after ge...

Autosave 62397868

Play matches max. 5vs 5learning to run forwarsupport each other and pass when tag.

4 v 2 continuous rugby

4 attackers v 2 defenders. 4 players stand in the middle of the pitch red facing red, blue facing blue. The attackers start with the ball and advance ...