Rugby Drill Demonstration


In small teams, play a modified game where if the ball carrier is touched on the shorts with both hands of a defender, the ball carrier must go to ground and present the ball to a support player who passes the ball from the ground unopposed

Change possession once a try has been scored.

Coaching points

  • Touch tackles only
  • Ball must be properly presented with two hands
  • Opposition cannot go for the ball
  • Normal turnover for knock on, forward pass, etc.
  • Support player must pass the ball way from the ruck area
  • Tag belts can be used instead of touches.
  • Good body position when going to ground.
  • Cover head with hands.
  • Two hands to shorts makes a touch.
  • Look for good support play.
  • Average rating

    Drill tags: clear out, game, introduction, ruck, running, support, tag

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