Rugby Gaelic Football

category: Sevens

Rugby Rugby Gaelic Football Sevens Tell the players the following laws....... One team will be attacking, the ball carrying team. The other will be a...

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Bank Robbers

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Bank Robbers Warm Up Keep your player briefing, brief! Tell the players the following laws for this exercise..... Players must start the game b...

Footwork And Handoff

category: School

  • Vital skills to beat a defender and get the football.
  • Ball is needed. Players must do it at full speed. Key players low and t...

Web Videos

American football (nfl) vs. rugby

Next year Wembley Stadium will host two Rugby World Cup fixtures, but this month it will stage one of three NFL International Series 2014 games. So wi...


Pre-season Burner 2

Get the team excited to be back together again. Pre-season?s going to be a battle, but go and make it fun with this burner!


Community Drills

Big Kicks

Just a simple game that all the aim of the game is to give your biggest kick that you can do for your team. The furthest gets a point most points win....

American football passing drill

This drill is mainly for wide receivers and quarter backs but can involve other players catching the pass. The dill starts off with three cones in a f...