Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell the players the following laws.......

  1. One team will be attacking, the ball carrying team. The other will be a defending team.
  2. Defending players mark attacking players.
  3. The ball is passed by kicking, and can travel in any direction.
  4. Players try to catch the ball in the air, and have 3 seconds to make the pass. They can take 3 steps in that time.
  5. Tries are scored in the usual way.
  6. Players can compete for lose balls.
  7. Players should use all of the space available, and should move the ball to space.
  • You can make this game a little harder by saying that attacking players must catch the passed ball in the air, if they do not, then the ball is turned over to the other team.

Coaching points

  • Players should compete for the ball in the aim, getting off the ground.
  • The ball needs to be passes to space for receivers to come into and onto the ball.
  • Kicks are timed e.g. a higher kick will mean more air time and more time for defenders to get into place.
  • Players identify weakness and exploit those weaknesses.
  • Receivers and markers keep their eye on the ball, and are brave enough to compete for the ball without compromise.

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