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Rugby Sevens Drills

The Sevens drills below to sharpen your players' rugby skills such as quick hands, speed evasion and passing under pressure before moving on to developing advanced rugby skills specific to the Seven's game, including tactical play, movement patterns, turnovers and the ruck.

Use the 1v1, 2v2, 3v2, 2v4 and 7v7 decision making skill drills to sharpen your players' attacking and defending ability when playing this fast and furious rugby variation.

Although traditionally a way of finishing a training session but now progressed into full competitions played up to international level. Rugby Sevens involves seven player on each side with two, seven-minute halves and three-man scrums (instead of eight). It requires the same rugby skills as the 15 man version, but requires a change in mentality and tactical thinking by your players.