Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Using cones mark out the four corners and the midways points of each side of a 20 x 20 meter training area.
  • Divide your players into groups of 8, and allocate one group of 8 to each training area.
  • Have one coach at each training area, and one ball.
  • Each player should have their own cone to stand on, as shown in the diagram.
  • Have more than one training area in order to keep your players as busy as possible.
  • Tell your players the following......
  1. This will be a 5 v 3 attacking opportunity for the 5 players given the ball.
  2. There are 4 players on the midpoint positions, one on each side of the training area. The coach will give the ball to one of those players.
  3. The 4 closest players will join the ball carrier in attack, the opposite 3 players will become defenders.
  4. The try line is just across the defenders starting line.
  5. The defenders operate within the laws of the game and should try to stop the attack by turning the ball, forcing a mistake, or pushing the attack out of the playing area.
  6. The attack should aim to score a try, but should play within the laws of the game.
  7. When the attack is over the coach will take the ball and players should return to their starting positions for the next attack.
  • Don't forget to give every player the opportunity to play in attack and defence by changing the starting position of the ball.

Coaching points

  • Attackers identify running lines that cut the drift, or attack space.
  • Attackers attack at pace, using all the space available.
  • The defence pushes up as a line, not on a blitz, but drifting, pushing the ball and the attack out of the box.
  • Attackers do not spin short passes.
  • Attackers run supporting pattern that allow them to take an off-load from contact.

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