Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell them the following......

  1. The ball carrier will run forward with the ball, their partner will go with them in support.
  2. The ball carrier will pass the ball to the supporting player, who is moving forward.
  3. The new ball carrier will now pass the ball to the first receiver in the next group of two, who should be chasing - but no too close.
  4. And so the exercise continues, with each set of two support the last set of two.
  5. The challenge is, as well as good passing, is that the players should be around the 5 meter boxes and sprint back their starting position in order to keep the ball moving without stopping.
  • Remind the players that this must be done at pace.

Coaching points

  • Passes are weighted correctly in terms of speed and distance.
  • Short passes are not spun.
  • Receivers hands are out and they call the pass.
  • Receivers take the ball at pace.
  • The work rate must be high, and players should aim to make every pass as good as the best pass - no matter how tired they might feel.

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