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Attack Vs Defence Continuous D...

<span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>Set a cone 2 meters from the defensive line. This will mark where the ball will passed from (feed) preferably from a scrum half.<span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>Set a cone 0.5 meters each side from the mid point of the passing cone to simulate the sides of the ruck.<span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>Set a cone a cone 5 meters from the ruck on the defensive line. 4 players start as attackers3 defenders start on their stomaches on the other side of the defensive cone (ruck) and 1 player on the defensive cone 5 metres from the ruck<span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>The player on the 5 meter cone (defence) starts the drill by shouting ‘FOLD’ (or whatever call your team may use).<span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>Defenders on their stomachs get up and fold around the ruck to take up a defence position. Players fold wide first, and ensure that 2 players are close to the ruck (Guard and Body Guard). <span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>The player on the defensive cone bounces out (takes space in the defence line), the first player who folds takes up a position on the 5 meter defence cone (or inside the first attacking player)<span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>Once the defence line is set the scrum half can pass the ball.<span style=&quot;background-color: transparent;&quot;>The attackers work to beat the defence, setting up a 'tip' (running a hard line) and 'pull back' option. They should read the defensive movements and make a decision to hit the tip option or pull out the back<br><br>


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U10s organisation in defence. ...

I have started an under 10s team up, and I would say about 8 from the 13 children I have , did not play rugby until about 6 months ago. Of these players, there seems to be a lot of potential, as we are scoring tries against teams, that very rarely concede tries.the problem I got with them, is that we are very poor at organising our selves in defense when the opposition has the ball, which does result in us conceding quite a few tries. We have some very good tacklers in the team. Can anyone offer some ideas on how I can get them to organise themselves? Thanks . Chris.

christopher jenkins Coach, Wales

Tips on breaking through a def...

Hi my name is Mac and i am a 8 man and i struggle to push through a defensive line when i have the ball due to how my coaches make us practice so i wanted to know tips on how to push/break through a defensive line when i have the ball.

Mac Coach, United States of America

switch pass in rugby union

switch pass in rugby union

maria Coach, England

What does the &#034;T Bone&#034; concept mean when?

What does the "T Bone" concept mean when defending?

Olivier Guitart Coach, New Zealand

how do i coach a backline defence against the opponents?

how do i coach a backline defence against the opponents attack from a midfield scrum ?

Archived User Coach

Big Hit or Step Up tackle

Describe a 'step-up' or 'big hit' tackle. How would you coach it, what is the technique and what are the key factors technically?

Archived User Coach

What are the main coaching points when introducing?

What are the main coaching points when introducing the drift defence? I'm talking mainly about senior players.

0lymp1an Coach, England

Not sure if this question has been asked...but is drift?

Not sure if this question has been asked...but is drift defence REALLY the BEST way to combat the fullback entering the line?

Archived User Coach

Scoring tries - habit?

Why is it important to get players to score the try when completing a handling/running drill?

Archived User Coach

How can I improve my team's line speed in defence?

How can I improve my team's line speed in defence? Are there any drills which can help me?

michael klieve Coach, England

Trouble gettng the ball to our winger from first phase ball

We have two very fast wingers but we cannot get them the ball . Teams are coming up fast and we are lucky to get the ball to the O. C. We have tried setting up further back but too many times we are getting caught behind the gain lines when we do that. Any ideas?

john mcmullen Coach, United States of America

U9 Positional Play Advice

What options are there for positional play in the U9s game? What formations are recommended in attack or defence? What's a good place to start teaching this? No scrums at this level so that's out of the question. Greatful for any advice. Thank you. Matt Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Matt Potter Coach, England

attaxing and defence drills that helped you

i am wondering i want some drill for defence and attacking

jayvyn iris Coach, Bermuda

Drills and attack moves to counter a rushed defence.

I am looking for some drills and moves to coach a counter offensive against a rushed defence or a blitzing defence. I've had ideas of short kicks over the top.

tom burkett Coach, England

how to keep a defensive line f...

i currently help out with the coaching of the u7+u8 tag rugby but we are struggling to keep a defensive line can have anybody got any drills

jason halse Coach, Wales

Looking for drills to improve ...

We have recently formed a new under 10s team. Out of the team , roughly half have played before, and the other half are new to the game. We played Sunday and were well beaten , although the side we played has a very good reputation for being a good side. I do see promise though in our team, it's just the organisational side that needs attention. Example, keeping our players from bunching, realigning in defence, etc. after doing the coaching course, I am we'll aware of trying not to pigeonhole players into positions, but I think they need this to help them organise themselves easier. Are there any drills to help with the above? Cheers, Chris.

christopher jenkins Coach, Wales

What is the easiest defence sy...

What is the easiest defence system to use? I have a team of 18 year olds who know very little about the game but are very fit and enthusiastic and I need a simple defence system to use.

Archived User Coach

Defence System Blitz/Drift | S...

Hi,I am just looking to see if I am right in saying the below:If we are the defending team, and have more players then the attackers then we should use the blitz attack and vice-versa for the drift? Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Archived User Coach

What is the best way to coach ...

What is the best way to coach a blitz defence from scratch?

Archived User Coach

Defence, who must tackle a pla...

Hi. Please let me have your input. 15-a-side Boys. Whose responsibility is it to tackle a player that cuts into the backline? Lets say the attacking team's FB cuts in between the C's , should my inside C then go for the tackle? We have sweepers (usually the SH and no 8) to cover breaks.

Johan Coach, South Africa
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