Heads up Rugby - Think fast

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This week's session for all ages is an easy to set up and looks at testing and improving your players' ability to think fast on their feet.

Heads up Rugby!

Teach your players to be alert, react to live situations and not simply running pre-practised backs moves. Heads up rugby means your players will have the right instincts, knowing what to do at the right time. Your players will develop the ability to make quick decisions under pressure, and they'll also learn how to create gaps in the opponent?s defence and attack the open space.

What's in the Session?

To get your attacking players reacting to different live situations and scanning for space we open this session with a heads up passing exercise, before then giving you the power! In the drills that follow you control the difficulty; the more defenders you call out, the more holes there will be in the defence for your attackers to exploit.

Use this session to test your players, create gaps in the defence and see how well your players can make heads up decisions!

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