Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Players start in the bottom right corner and on the command sprint as a group before doing 5 press ups.
  • They advance as a defensive line, moving as fast as the slowest player.
  • They never leave a player behind.
  • They then side step (push as a defensive line) left to the next set of cones to do 5 sit ups before sprinting to do press ups. The group follow this routine until the end before the next group go.

Coaching points

You don't have to focus on all of the following coaching points, pick the points that are most applicable to your session and training goals.

  • Move as a defensive line and as a group at all times.
  • Leave no player behind.
  • Keep communication positive and encouraging.
  • Players keep the tempo high
  • Before and during movement between stations. The line is flat, the spacing is what you would expect, and communication is the same as we use in defence during a game.
  • Players use the proper sit-up and press-up techniques. If they are struggling, provide them with an alternative exercise.


You can change the exercises at each station to make this drill more challenging (burpees for example).

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