Rugby Drill Demonstration


Start with 2 players on the centre cone, each with a ball, and facing each other.

  1. On the shout "GO", they both run backwards to the first cone
  2. They then side step up the grid to the second cone
  3. Next players run through the slalom cones back to the start where the ball is passed to the next players
  4. Next players can only go when each player has received a ball (to ensure each race is fair).

Coaching points

Make sure players are paired with players of a similar ability for more competitive races.

Use side stepping motion through the slalom

Fast feet through the slalom

Players change groups after each run.

Poles can be used for the slalom instead of cones.

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Drill tags: 1 v 1, agility, change of direction, dodging, game, race, sidestep, speed, warm up

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