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A drill to practice defending in wide channels.

Set up a grid that is 40m wide and 20m long, with the 40m divided into a 25m channel (red to red cones) and a 15m channel (red to green cones).

There are seven attackers (blue) and four defenders (red). Only two defenders are allowed in the 15m channel at a time.

The seven attackers are trying to score against the defenders, they receive 5 points for scoring in the 25m channel and 10 points for scoring in the 15m channel. (Points system incentivises scoring in the wide channels)

Every time the attack score they turn around and attack the other direction.


Defenders can only enter the 15m channel when the ball is in that channel.

Coaching points

Communication in defence.

Attacking wide channels - attackers must "hold" defenders to create space out wide.

Defending less numbers - turn shoulders towards the touch line to push the attack towards the touch line.

Defenders on the inside should cover across to prevent inside balls.

Drill tags: backs, channel, defence, game, pattern

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