Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Running straight and changing your running line will make players better attackers and underpins an effective 2 v 1
  • Start with a 5 v 3 situation, all five attackers start in a slightly angled line with the end player with ball in hand
  • On Go, the play starts and the first pass is made. The receiving player runs a straight line toward the opposing player and 'fixes them up', meaning the defender is square on and must make the decision to either tackle or anticipate the pass

Coaching points

  • The supporting players should not be too flat, so that they can run onto the ball.
  • Supporting players should also be communicating and talking early to give information to ball carrier.
  • Passes need to be accurate and well weighted to help the teammate running onto the ball.
  • Run straight at opposing player before passing onto teammate.

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