Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Tell you players the following......
  1. There will be two players on one side of the middle line of cones, and another group on the other side. They will be two separate teams.
  2. It's rugby tennis, so the aim of the game is to pass the ball in such a way that the other two players won't be able to stop it from going out of play, however.
  3. The ball must be a normal rugby pass, and the ball must hit the ground inside the tennis court on the oppositions side.
  4. The passer must be 2 meters behind the center line.
  5. That's it, lets play.

Coaching points

Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points, you may have your own. Select the points that most closely match your overall training and session goals.

  • Players should work to keep the tempo of the session high.
  • Passes must be real passes, by away from other players.
  • Passes work to pass the ball at speed.
  • Passing should be off both hands. There is no weak or strong hand, just hands that need a little more work. Work is the key, not talent. Maybe you have very gifted right handed passer - lets see how good they are with the left.
  • Opposition player aim to catch the ball, or stop it from going out after one bounce.
  • Opposition players respond to what the see, what clues can they see in the passers body position etc.
  • Passes use a range of passes to score a point.

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