Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • A drill to be completed in pairs.
  • One player holding a tackle bag stands in a low, strong position with knees bent.
  • The player is standing with one foot either side of a tackle tube on the floor, with their weight forward.
  • The other player starts lying on the floor in a half press-up position ready to go.
  • The tackler needs to get to their feet quickly, sidestep past the cone on the floor and tackle the player holding the tackle bag.
  • Once the player with the tackle bag has been hit, the tackler drives through to clear the opponent out of a ruck.

Coaching points

  • It is essential for the tackler, once they are on their feet, to maintain a strong, low body position to make the tackle.
  • The tackler should tackle the opponent with legs either side of the tackle tube on the floor.
  • Make sure the tacklers are driving through, forcing the opponent away from the tackle tube on the floor.
  • Once the player has been cleared out, the tackler should take up the rucking position to emulate a real match scenario.

Drill tags: clear out, ruck

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