Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • A tackling exercise to be completed in pairs.
  • One player stands over a tackle tube, while holding a tackle bag themself against their chest.
  • The tackler begins lying down with chest on the floor ready to go.
  • The tackler gets to their feet quickly, and gets low before tackling the opponent/tackle bag with force.
  • The aim is for the tackler to rip the tackle bag away from the opponent, and roll away.

Coaching points

  • The tackler should maintain a strong, low body position when tackling.
  • Arms should be wrapped around the bag, get a strong hold of the bag and force it out of the hands of the opponent.
  • When rolling, the players should roll to the side, parallel to the tackle tube.
  • If rolling to the right, the right shoulder should hit the floor, then roll across on their back, before rolling round so that the player is facing the ground with the tackle bag beneath them.

Drill tags: clear out, roll, ruck, tackle

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