Developing offloading and 2nd wave defence

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Here's a bumper session for you that can easily be spread over a few training nights. This plan is dedicated to get your players to focus on two crucial elements of the game offloading and the 2nd wave defence.

I used it last week and it went down a storm.
I hope you like it too!

John Nurse, Editor of Sportplan


The aim of the session is to develop your players' ability to offload the ball once they have broken an initial tackle. Players should be able to offload through the 'front' and 'back' door to create more opportunities in attack.

Second wave attack:

In addition to looking at offloading the defence should be looking at how they slow down / turn over ball using the '2nd' wave attack. This is when the initial line of defence has been broken and a cover or support tackle must be made.

Try this plan and see your team performance improve!

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