Developing Kicking Skills - the Punt Kick

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Although you may leave the kicking mainly to your fly halfs, it's essential that all of your players can properly execute the punt kick; use this session to fine-tune their technique and make the perfect kick!

The punt kick is a good way to putting your team on the attack, mixing it up from the passing to catch the opposition off guard with a quick ball through to a teammate. It can be crucial to maintaining possession or gaining territory, so it's important that all of your players understand why to kick and when's the perfect moment to do so.

What's in the session?

Put your players in realistic game situations, adding defenders to pressure the ball carrier, to help them understand when is the best opportunity to punt the ball forward. Emphasise communication, so your players are in sync and able to react to the kicked ball, rather than lose it to the opposition!

Focus on accuracy with your players with close kicking drills, getting them to kick perfectly to the correct target whilst under pressure. Finish off with a small modified game, and watch your players put into practice what they have learnt!

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